Welcome to My Blog

I’ve always thought about starting my own page to write about sports in my free time but, as a college student that comes at a minimum. With school being canceled, my school newspaper The Cowl, lost five issues, including our infamous The Scowl edition.

I decided to begin this blog as internships for sports writing fizzled as the COVID-19 knocked out all sports across the country. Rather than creating pieces, like predicting who will be the starting QB for the Patriots next season, that almost every website covers on a daily basis, I will focus my writing on issues within college sports and how sports tie into social issues that we all face. I will also try to have an on-going feature called “Term of the Week”, explaining sports terms that avid fans take for granted.

Essentially I want to create writing that can interest those who consider themselves casual fans at best. Baseball writer Tom Verducci puts it perfectly, “if sports have no connection to us as a society, if all that matters is the score, then they are nothing but glorified intramural games.”

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